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Double Glazing has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, so if you haven’t considered it for a while, then it’s time to take another look. You’ll be surprised by how the quality, appearance, and finish of them has developed in the last few years, providing you with a refined, strong and aesthetically pleasing product.  

Double glazing windows benefits  

Double and triple glazed windows have a wide variety of advantages, read on to find out more about how upgrading your windows would improve your home:

Improved energy efficiency

First and foremost, fitting such windows will make your home more energy efficient – meaning you can save on your energy bills moving forward – and who doesn’t want to do that?

Improved insulation

You’ll also be cosier in the winter - as you won’t lose so much heat through your windows; as the insulation of your home will be vastly improved. In fact, it’s been estimated that as much as 50-70% of your home’s heat is lost through single glazed windows – so upgrade them to improve the temperature in your home.
Take this step, and you’ll be more comfortable in the summer too, feeling cooler, as the improved insulation regulates all types of excessive temperature, hot and

Less condensation

Double glazing also reduces the amount of condensation you’ll find in your home, so you can lessen the likelihood of having to deal with mould or mildew; the detrimental effects of which could harm your home’s wood work. 


Less noise pollution

Double and triple glazing will also reduce the amount of noise you hear in your home, so if you are close to a busy road or situated under a flight path, it will improve your quality of life and help you to have a better night’s sleep.

More secure

In addition, by installing more robust windows, you’ll also make your home more secure, setting your mind at rest.

Build on your investment  

Property is one of the largest investments we’ll make in our lifetime, so it makes sense to protect that investment as much as is possible and to enhance it too. By investing in double or triple glazing, you’ll be making your home a better environment for you and increasing the appeal it will have to potential buyers too, so why not look into it today.   

Casement windows

Our double glazed windows are available in a stunning range of colour finishes so you don't have to compromise on style:

Your neighbourhood is our neighbourhood

We assist customers across West Sussex and Hampshire; and our dedicated team has installed windows in projects in locations such as Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Gosport and further afield. Read our customer testimonials to learn more about our commitment to excellent customer service, the high standards of our products and our work.          

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To find the ideal windows for your next home improvement project, visit our showrooms in Chichester or Fareham; or contact our skilled team on 0808 278 7123, we’ll be happy to help and advise you.

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