Watch The Video To See How We Repair and Fix Your Misty, Foggy Windows:

We are experts at removing condensation from UPVC double glazing and restoring your windows back to new - don't replace your foggy windows, repair them!

Our innovative and sustainable process quickly removes moisture from the inside of failed double glazed glass units restoring their clarity. The patented coating and vent systems prevent condensation and fog returning, giving you year-on-year peace of mind and restoring your windows at a fraction of the cost of buying new double glazing. View our video to see how quick and simple our specialist condensation removal service is.


The Benefits of Repairing and NOT Replacing Misted Double Glazing

We're a local business covering Portsmouth, Southampton & Gosport pioneering a sustainable window repair solution
Environmentally responsible - Waste glass diverted from landfill
Significantly cheaper - Saves 30% to 40% on the cost of replacing double glazed units
Repairing a double-glazed unit uses 32kg less CO2 than replacing it
An average Housing Association currently replacing an average of 12 glass units a week could stop 12 tonnes of glass going to landfill and reduce CO2 emissions by 30 tonnes per year
Comprehensive 10 year guarantee!

FAQ's - Everything You Need To Know About Our Condensation Removal Service

Can you remove condensation from inside toughened glass units?

No, we are unable to perform this service on toughened glass units (a toughened glass unit can be identified by a a stamp in the corner of the pane). The reason for this is that our innovative process requires us to drill a very small hole into the glass so we can perform the cleaning and sealing, a toughened glass unit would shatter if you were to attempt to drill a hole in it.

Can the process be carried out on a door or full height conservatory panel?

Unfortunately, we can't carry out this procedure on either doors or full height conservatory panels as this would require drilling into toughened glass which would shatter.

Can the condensation be removed from my windows if they contain Georgian or Astragal Bars?

We can't do units that features Georgian bar inserts or back-to-back astragal bars.

Can you repair condensation problems on Velux windows or timber windows?

No, we can't repair Velux roof windows or any timber window which has an air gap of 12mm or below.

How much does it cost to fix the condensation problem in my windows?

Two units or below start at just £50 on units up to 0.5m2, raising up to £100 for over 2m2. The more units there are the cheaper it is.

If you're based in Hampshire or West Sussex and want to repair your UPVC double glazing and Get The Mist Out, look no further than Ideal Window Solutions...


Sash windowsWe undertake both Domestic and Commercial Condensation Removal.

So if you've got failed or faulty double glazing in your Hampshire or West Sussex home and would like more information on how we can repair your windows at a fraction of the price of buying new, along with our comprehensive 10 year guarantee then simply get in touch and a member of our friendly team will be delighted to discuss your requirements and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

Our condensation removal team covers Southampton, Portsmouth, Fareham Chichester, Winchester and throughout Hampshire and West Sussex.